“Let them be thankful to God for His manifold mercies and be kind to one another. They have one God and one saviour, and one Spirit--the Spirit of Christ--is to bring unity into their ranks.” (E. G. White, Testimonies Volume 9, p. 189) 1909

Hi, welcome to my website called "The three gifts". This bases on three books I have written with the hope that you may find an adventure and the amazing love Jesus has for you.

Describing the books:

The first book ‘Understanding the Relationship of the Father and the Son through Their Image’ is theological and establishes that we have one God. The second booklet ‘How the Comforter changed my life’ is a biographical testimony that we have one saviour, which would link the first and the third theological books together. This third booklet ‘The Comparison’ can be simmered down to us having received one Spirit--the Spirit of Christ--.

We live in a world that sometimes can feel dark, as we often have a wrong picture of who God is and you can sometimes wonder if He even exists at all. My life took a turn as I got to experience His amazing and unconditional agape love, it totally changed my picture of His character. Today, I can't be quiet about Him anymore and I would like to invite you to read my story (the book in the middle, yes that one "How the Comforter changed my life", as I recommend reading first). Where ever you are or where ever you may go, I pray that you will not miss the opportunity to discover the great gift of eternal life (Joh 3:16) and that you won't turn aside the chances of reaching your salvation. 

My books were written with the aim of giving a better understanding of the Godhead. We should learn how to be kind to one another and let it bring unity into our ranks. These books show how God has revealed His love for Humanity through His relationship with His Son, and how this is a pattern for human relationships. How this relates to everyday life is shown, giving an example of how new light can change a person’s character.

The books also address the root issue that causes misunderstanding and stops us from gaining a more unmistakable harmony of our origin. It helps us understand the real problem, so we may be more ready to stand up with the Lord, facing Goliath who stands in front of us. 


Recommendation for reading order:

Indeed, it is good to read book 1, 2, and 3 in order. However, I would recommend starting with book number 2, ‘How the Comforter Changed my Life’, as it gives a more detailed and in-depth story of God’s love for man, and if you want to know the background of how everything started for the author. Then, you’ll see the red thread of reading book 1 'Understanding the Relationship of Father and Son through Their Image' and finally book 3 'The Comparison'. The books are also available in audio. May they bring you closer to Christ.