If you have read the three gifts, some may think 'what's next?

I found many beautiful books to read, but at first I thought it might be too much. However, later I discovered some of God's blessings that made me want read more, instead of feeling the burden to read. Here is the foundation of the three gifts that recomend a further journey (reading) closer to God. The structure is based on the recommended order to read and how they are related to each other. It may be edited/added in future. You can find them on Book Library - Maranatha Media . May they bless you very much! 

The Three Gifts:

How the Comforter changed my life, connected to Identity Wars 

- The Comparison (an open way to the Spirit of Christ and how silence is golden), related to The Holy Spirit the Comforter 

Understanding the relationship between the Father and the Son through Their Image 


The Divine Pattern

- Blueprint of Blessings 

- The Divine Pattern of Life

- Father and Son Foundational Articles 

- Theos

- Is it really so strange to believe that Jesus is the liberal begotten Son of God? 

- Knowledge of the Son of God in Old Testament Times


Inspecting the Heart:

- Cross Examined and Cross Encountered 

- As you Judge 

- Life Matters

- The Mirror and the Lie 


The Character of God

- Acts of our Gentle God

- Reaching Samson 

- Father of Love 

- Agape