The background behind:

Growing up as a Seventh Day Adventist believer, I found myself in a counterfeit when I took my faith seriously. As I started to write, I dedicated myself for over seven years to observe the problem and learn how to build bridges. Of course, it is unavoidable to address the points I discuss without considering the concept of the ‘Trinity. Some people may argue that these books would go against some Christian organisations/churches. However, I would like to claim that is not the case, I’m not against anyone but looking to be on the side of Christ. If I’d like to leave behind something before leaving this world, it is definitely these three gifts (books). These books are not a way for destruction, but to lift up the perspective that has not been clear to people, and hopefully, they'll increase peace within the church. 

Let me explain in more detail how it affected me from the very beginning to this same day. First, I thought it is weird that people speak against the Trinity: “they probably must be a sect or a cult of some sort”. However, I decided to look into this subject more. I realised when studying it carefully, it occurred to me that this is not as easy as I thought. The longer I researched the topic, the more sensitive it was among people as I tried to discuss it with them. It seemed to me that this subject was a hot potato and becoming like an elephant in the room.

I took a step back to learn and observe more before I made any further conclusions. As time passed, I believe I came to an increased understanding of the core of the problem. Therefore, I decided to write in a bridge-building way, rather than attacking anyone. I found the encouragement to reach those who were struggling with similar things. God willing, there is still time to study and understand this deep subject, allow it to settle into our hearts, and reach out to one another.

I do not say my books are the solution, but hopefully, they can answer questions and better our understanding of God, allowing people to gain insights quickly where it has taken me a long time. These three books can be a peace offering between Non-Trinitarians and Trinitarians. As I call them, ‘The three gifts’, Jesus said “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” - (Matt 5:9). Believing that Jesus would want us to handle this together, I pray that you too want and will build bridges.

So how could these books be a peace offering?

Except for the two first books, one that gives a depth story of detailed background from a human's life that can’t help himself from stop believing… and the other book which has been a struggle for people who lacks understanding the relationship of God and his Son… are given like a preparation for the third book “The Comparison" – An open way to the Spirit of Christ and how silence can be golden. The last sentence should be crystal clear in its meaning, if you are an SDA member, you should know what this book could be about. 

The big problem is that there has been a great conflict and difficult discussion, whether the Holy Spirit is a third person or not. The third book can be seen as a qualitative study with Ellen G White’s scriptures that later gives a discussion together with Bible scriptures that is in harmony with each other, and also comes a reflection with an aim of seeing the bigger picture. 7 categories are given, that needs to be taken into consideration by not excluding any of them. In the example below, you’ll see two out of the seven categories (from EGW's quotes) that somehow at first, can give a puzzling feeling. You may think to yourself “which one should be right?”

The red colour is now updated in the third book, and for sure, there could be more to fill in both categories. However, I've strived to take out the unique ones rather than how many times EGW has said of the same quote, and of course, it is also good to read the quotes from its context. This should give further curiosity of finding out the rest of the 7 categories. Why would the two categories above go against each other? Or is there something we’ve been missing out on? How can the third book be helpful in giving a bigger picture? Since silence is golden has been used in so many different ways, where does it actually come from? Read this book to find out how we in church together could humble ourselves and reach true silence, and discover the peace offering that could be made.